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 Happy Family AIO

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Ages : 1-9 years old.

Children can learn with fun from activities in Happy Family AIO, which also have parental tips to boost children's skills and enjoy studying.


 Toddler Play: Written for parents of children ages 1 to 3 years, and contains over 100 toddler-tested activities for quality play time.
 Fun to Learn : Learn 1-2-3's, ABC's, animals, and shapes & colors.
 Skill Booster: Fun with math and reading
 Poem Pack: 10 colorful, animated poems (flash) with voice over and activities. Each poem deals with a different long vowel sound: ee, oo, y, ai, ea, oa, ay, igh, a-e, i-e. Lesson plans, activity sheets, and texts of poems are included.
 Songs for very young learners: A beautiful illustrated collection of traditional songs for young learners of English.
 Singing grammar: A resource book of supplementary materials for the teaching of grammar through the medium of songs. It contains eighteen songs, each with a specific grammar focus, and is suitable for students from elementary to intermediate level.

 Phonic 1a-b : An exceptional beginning Phonics and Reading program that thoroughly covers the short and long vowel sounds providing the foundation for reading success. Includes 10 songs with 16 activities that teach, test, and track the student's progress.
 Phonics 1b thoroughly covers the one sound consonants and the multi-sound consonants. Then, the program goes on to cover sight words, sounds in the middle of words. 5 songs with 20 activities.
 LearnEnglish : 65 fun stories/activities (flash and PDF)
 Picture Grammar for Children : 3 Ebooks for starters

 Learning Page Activity Packs : Over 80 activities for fun
 Ultimate Math Worksheets Unit 1 : Addition, subtraction and miscellaneous
 All About Writing : Tips and Exercises.

 Helping Your Child : Helping Your Child Become a Reader, Helping Your Child Learn History, Helping Your Child Learn Math, and Helping Your Child Learn Science.(preschool-grade 5)
 The Complete Book Collection : The Complete Book of Phonics, The Complete Book of Arts and Crafts, The Complete Book of Time and Money, and The Complete Book of Questions and Answers.(ages 4-9)

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Happy Family AIO
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