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 Cracking Yahoo Accounts

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MesazhTitulli: Cracking Yahoo Accounts   Sat Nov 01, 2008 9:40 pm

spent one morning looking at Yahoo's mail security's what I've found and how I did it.....

I created an account whilst dialed into sify(ISP). I logged out and closed my browser. On reopening the browser I pasted in the following URL:

ht tp://

and this took me back to my account with out any error messages or prompts for a login. I then closed my browser, disconnected from SIFY (ISP)and dialed into Sancharnet(ISP). When connected I opened my browser and pasted th e same URL:And was taken back to my mail-box! This made me think there must be a cookie controlling this...sure enough there it was. (1 of 3)

One, the cookie in the rough looks like this :

id%3dreIvr96lzVC4g%26s id%3dtMZu7cDVk5V9e%250a%26ts%3dX%2588B%2540

farm%3d1%26silo%3dms4%26 %26fwd%3dattach%26fontsz
%3dnormal%26msgwidth%3d72%26order%3ddown%26inc%3d5 0%26goto
but with all the Hex stripped out it slightly more managable:

id=reIvr96lzVC4g &< br>sid=tMZu7cDVk5V9e%0a &

farm=1 & silo=ms4 & &
head=brief & fwd=attach & fontsz=normal &
msgwidth=72 & o rder=down & inc=50 & goto=msg

After being logged off for around an hour I reconnected to the Internet and pasted that URL again and got back in......this made me suspic ious. I clicked on exit and checked the whole "exit" document. Down the bottom I found a link :

Log off completely.

Nice of them to warn you and put it way down the bottom. Most new users will not realise that the log off process is a double actio n...if you log off "completely" then the cookie is removed from the Temporay Internet Files directory.

What does all this mean ?
Security wise if you can get physical access to a machine that someone has used to collect their mail and not done the d ouble log off then you can
access their account perhaps ad infinitum. (I don't know yet if the cookie has a TTL so to speak.) In practice this means you'll be cracking a friend's,work (or school) colleague's or family member's account. Good for s nooping on your girlfriend's e-mail activities too.... . Unfortunately you can't copy it to a floppy disk and save it in your own computer's Temporary Internet Files directory because of the ":" ...What you'd need to do is copy it to a flo ppy you've got what info you need...then, now here's the complicated part :

Set your own PC up as a webserver as well as a DNS server (if you've got NT Server your laughing). Create a DNS entry for and use the loopback (127.0. 0.1). Then create an htm file with the necessary script to impart a cookie with this same information. Connect to (you'll actually loopback) and the cookie will be downloaded to the Temp Net files Directory....

A big hassle to do... probably easier to watch them type their password ;o) but it's knowing how it can be done..that's the important thing. Btw, just for any of you jokers out there...I've modified the security identifier and the e-mail account name etc....I'm not gonna give yo u a copy of my real cookie then tell you how to exploit it...get real ;o) There'll be other ways to crack yahoo, of course....this is just my offering on the matter...for now anyway.

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Cracking Yahoo Accounts
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