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 How to Open a Tanning Salon from A to Z

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MesazhTitulli: How to Open a Tanning Salon from A to Z   Sat Nov 01, 2008 9:35 pm

Consider this... a customer walks thru the door pays you anywhere from $5 to $35 for a "session", after a click of the mouse and quick conversation, you go back to reading, watching a movie or your kids! Once the customer leaves, you sanitize the tanning bed and your job is complete. No inventory, no mess, very low maintenance, and you can even do other things like operate a video store, laundry, smoothie counter, or even day care!

My name is Rick Houston and I have been successful in sales & marketing for over 25 years of various business opportunities from space invader video games in the early '80s to computers in the '90s and I have never seen a better chance to succeed as an entrepreneur than with the indoor tanning salon industry.

I wrote this eBook after going through the process of fully understanding exactly what it takes to open a tanning salon and I will give you great advice which is guaranteed to save you thousands of dollars in build-out costs and 50 hours of research time.

Here are the subjects covered in this ebook:

* Air Conditioning Requirementsstarting you own tanning business
* AC Power Requirements (big money if you guess wrong)
* Advertising
* Acrylics
* Body Stickers
* Buck-boosters
* Budgets
* Build-out Costs
* Bulbs for Indoor Tanning Equipment
* Business Plan (we provide an editable version in Word format)
* Construction Notes & Details for Contractors
* Computers
* Cosmedico VHR & VLR Lampstanning salon point of sale system
* Cost Per Session
* Design & Layout
* Dressing Rooms
* Educational Materials
* Electronic Funds Transfer (EFTs)
* Electrical Requirements
* Employees
* Eyewear
* Facial Lamps
* Fans
* FDA Regulations
* Financing
* Fingerprint Verification (this is cool)
* Franchises (why would you do this?)
* Frame Sizes
* Goggles
* High Pressure Beds
* Health Department Contacts
* Health Inspections
* Indoor Tanning Associations
* Insurance
* Installing Tanning Beds
* Inventory Control
* Leasing Tanning Equipment
* License Requirements
* Locations
* Loss Prevention
* Mailing Lists
* Modular Walls
* Maintenance
* Membership Forms
* Music & Sound Systems
* Neon Signs
* Office Equipment
* Parts & Supplies
* Pre-fabricated Walls
* Pricing Strategies
* Radios
* Room Dimensions
* Sanitizers
* Shipping Tanning Beds
* Stand Up Tanning Booths
* Stickers
* Tanning Beds
* Tanning Bed Buck Boosters
* Tanning Bed Acrylics
* Tanning Goggles
* Tanning Stickers or Tattoos
* Timing & Control Systems
* Towels
* Used Tanning Beds
* UV Light Meters
* UV Free Spray Tanning
* Visa & MasterCard
* Waiver Forms
* Warning Signs


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How to Open a Tanning Salon from A to Z
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