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Complete protection against viruses, hackers, spyware, rootkits and spam.

Why do you need Steganos Internet Security?

Imagine you are surfing the Internet and afterwards your computer will no longer start up. Viruses that access your PC unnoticed can cause great damage. They can delete your entire data – or even make your computer completely unusable. Hackers can access your PC even if they are not surfing the Web. This means they can steal your credit card number and go shopping at your cost.

Spy programs forward the passwords for your online banking: Your account is cleared out. Spam mails are not just an annoyance but are also dangerous: Phishing mails disguise themselves as official messages from your bank and try to obtain valuable access information.

How does Steganos Internet Security work?

Steganos Internet Security protects you quickly, securely and permanently in several areas: The virus database is updated regularly to ensure your being protected permanently against viruses.

Annoying adware and dangerous spyware are detected and destroyed: This means you are protected against identity theft.

Dangerous rootkits are automatically detected and removed.

Hacker attacks from the Internet are repelled and the complete data traffic between your computer and the Internet is controlled permanently by the integrated firewall.

While you surf the net, Web Shield checks if websites may contain malicious code and warns you. Works for Instant Messaging, too!

Spam and phishing mails are detected and blocked: that way they don't even reach your machine.

Three different detection methods are combined for ultimate security: virus scan, heuristic analysis and generic detection make sure that no virus stays undetected.

Thanks to the intelligent scanning mode, you can create your own black and white lists to in- or exclude certain files from scanning.


Regular updates

The virus databases are updated regularly. This protects you before viruses can reach your PC.

Full virus protection

Protects you against script, macro, file and boot sector viruses, scans your e-mails in real time and even checks compressed files - including proactive protection functions.

Quarantine function for suspect data

Locks infected files.

Web Shield protects you from malicious websites and during Instant Messaging

Web Shield protects you from drive-by-downloads and other exploits via malicious websites. You're protected during Instant Messaging as well.

Protects you against spy tools and remote-controlled attacks

Destroys spyware and malware which control your PC remotely or forward your passwords.

E-mail scanner checks your electronic mailbox

All in- and outgoing e-mails are analyzed. Supports all leading e-mail clients, including MS Outlook, The Bat! and Eudora as well as all other SMTP-/POP3-based e-mail clients as e.g. Outlook Express. SSL-encrypted connection are supported, too.

Resident Shield deactivates viruses

The Resident Shield provides maximum protection by scanning every file opened, executed, or saved. It also prevents the opening or executing of infected files.

Combines three different detection methods for complete security

Virus scan, heuristic analysis and generic detection make sure that no virus stays undetected.

Firewall protects against Hacker attacks

The integrated firewall controls all network connections and blocks hacker attacks as well as Trojans.

AntiSpam keeps your mailbox clean

Unwanted e-mails are deleted before they can block your virtual mail box.

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Steganos Internet Security 2009
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